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Hi, everyone! Welcome to my blog. Let’s see, how to introduce myself…

I’m Meredith Moore, and I write YA gothic thrillers. And I read a ton, pretend I can run, drink concerning amounts of coffee, search out the best tacos in Houston with my friends, road trip around the country much too often, and travel as much as possible. My trivia team knows that I’m the one to turn to if there’s a question about British royalty or top 40 music. I’m obsessed with any TV show that has a good will they/won’t they relationship, but as soon as the two characters get together, I lose all interest immediately. I find inspiration in other artists, from ballerinas to musicians to painters. And I’m constantly trying to decide if I should get a dog or not.

My debut, I AM HER REVENGE, came out in April, about Vivian, whose mother sends her to boarding school on the edge of the English moors to seduce the son of the man who broke Mother’s heart. My second novel, FIONA, comes out in just over a month, about a girl who travels to a castle in the Scottish Highlands to work as an au pair to an eleven-year-old girl who just lost her parents. Fiona starts falling for her charge’s older brother, but when his pregnant ex-girlfriend comes back, strange things start happening around the castle, and Fiona isn’t sure what to believe.

I’m so excited for this new website! And I love hearing from readers, so please email me at writermeredith@gmail.com or find me on Twitter or Instagram (@writermeredith) or follow my Facebook page.


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