FIONA comes out today, and as excited as I am about that, I’m also terribly nervous. I don’t know if I can fully express how much this book means to me, or how much of myself I poured into it while I was writing it.

A few months before I got my book deal for I AM HER REVENGE, I moved home to Houston because my mother had been diagnosed with cancer. For the last year of her life, I helped take care of her. And I wrote this book.

Fiona’s mother commits suicide when she’s twelve. Her father abandoned the family when she was a baby, and so Fee is sent to a dusty West Texas town to live with an aunt who doesn’t want her. When she gets an email from her mother’s best friend, inviting her to come work as an au pair at her castle in the Scottish Highlands, Fee jumps at the chance. She wants to find her place in the world, and to find her family.

Despite everything that Fee has been through, she still keeps her heart open. She knows that family is not always simply blood relations: good friends, people who love you and want the best for you, can be family, too. And so when she meets her charge, Poppy, and Poppy’s older brother, Charlie, she has room for them in her life.

As indescribably painful as it was losing my mother, that last year I had with her made me realize that family is the most important thing in the world to me. And so I wrote about a girl who finds her family in the most unexpected of ways. And as I was writing about her, I realized that I was trying to tell myself not to close myself off. It would have been so easy to shut everyone out after my mother’s death, but I didn’t want that for myself. I wanted to be like Fee: bright and optimistic and open. I’ve done my best to be like this beautifully strong girl I created.

Fiona loses her mother when she’s twelve. I got my mother until I was twenty-eight, and I’m very grateful for that. She didn’t get to see my books on a shelf in a bookstore, but she did know that I had a book deal. And I hope she’d be proud of this book.



Hi! I’m Meredith Moore, the author of I AM HER REVENGE and FIONA.
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I love lattes, unwieldy stacks of books, and the Scottish Highlands.

I write dark and twisty books about secrets and gaslighting and first love.

I’m constantly trying to decide if I should get a dog or not.

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MICHELLE LEVYMichelle Levy Author Photo copy

BIO: Michelle Levy hails from Denver, Colorado and now lives in Los Angeles, California, where she works as a casting director for film and television, casting for such projects as Six Feet Under, Deadwood, Bruce Almighty, and more. Not After Everything is her debut novel. Visit Michelle online at, on twitter: @m_levy, on Facebook: michellelevybooks, and on Instagram: @michellelevy.

Random fact from Meredith: Deadwood is one of my top 7 favorite TV shows.

NAE COVER - Hi Res copyFans of Eleanor and ParkThe Spectacular NowWillow, and Perfectly Good White Boy won’t be able to put down this gritty but hopeful love story about two struggling teens.

Tyler has a football scholarship to Stanford, a hot girlfriend, and a reliable army of friends to party with. Then his mom kills herself. And Tyler lets it all go. Now he needs to dodge what his dad is offering (verbal tirades and abuse) and earn what his dad isn’t (money): He needs a job. It’s there that he reunites with Jordyn, his childhood best friend, and now the token goth girl at school. Jordyn brings Tyler an unexpected peace and, finally, love. But with his family in shambles, he can’t risk bringing Jordyn too deeply into his life. So when violence rocks Tyler’s world again, will it be Jordyn who shows him the way to a hopeful future? Or after everything, will Tyler have to find it in himself?

This tough, realistic page-turner reveals a boy’s point of view on loss and love—perfect for fans of Rainbow Rowell, Tim Tharp, Julia Hoban, Carrie Mesrobian, and Mindi Scott.

 And now for the Secret Bonus Material! Michelle’s given us a super hot deleted scene. Enjoy! :)

She sets her water bottle on the small table and takes mine out of my hands setting it next to hers. She’s smiling at me in that way that makes me practically lose my footing. I desperately need to undo the top button of my shirt or I might pass out.

She takes my hands and moves them away from my neck, and she slowly unbuttons the top button for me while staring deep into my eyes. Then she moves to the next. And the next. Never losing eye contact. It’s so hot. Once the whole shirt is unbuttoned she brushes her hands up my bare chest and pushes the shirt off my shoulders. She kisses my neck, then my shoulder, then my chest, then my stomach. Her lips are so soft and hot where they brush my skin. I can feel them on my skin long after they’ve already moved on to the next spot. She kisses her way back up my chest while her hands unfasten my belt.

When my pants hit the floor, I take her hands and place them at her sides. I slowly slide my hands up her arms skimming her skin with the tips of my fingers. One hand comes to rest behind her neck and with the other I brush my thumb across her lips. Her eyes flutter shut. I lean in and kiss her just next to her mouth. Then I brush my lips right beneath her ear. She melts into me as I kiss her neck. The jasmine scent of her practically makes me drunk.

I push her hair out of the way of her zipper. I allow my lips to linger on that spot under her ear that drives her crazy while I slowly unzip her dress.

Her breathing picks up, as does mine.

I trace my fingertips up her back following the line of the zipper—she’s not wearing a bra and I almost forget to pace myself—and then I pull the straps down over her shoulders and the dress falls to the floor.

I slowly kiss every inch of her neck working my way to her mouth. When my lips finally meet hers, my hands drift down her body. She moans against my mouth. It’s such a turn on that I can affect her this way.

She curls her hands in my hair and our kissing deepens. I take it all in—the arch of her back, the seductive smoothness of her skin, the taste and urgency of her lips, the cadence of her breathing—savoring every single sensation.

I want to screen capture this moment and live in it forever.

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Hi, everyone! Welcome to my blog. Let’s see, how to introduce myself…

I’m Meredith Moore, and I write YA gothic thrillers. And I read a ton, pretend I can run, drink concerning amounts of coffee, search out the best tacos in Houston with my friends, road trip around the country much too often, and travel as much as possible. My trivia team knows that I’m the one to turn to if there’s a question about British royalty or top 40 music. I’m obsessed with any TV show that has a good will they/won’t they relationship, but as soon as the two characters get together, I lose all interest immediately. I find inspiration in other artists, from ballerinas to musicians to painters. And I’m constantly trying to decide if I should get a dog or not.

My debut, I AM HER REVENGE, came out in April, about Vivian, whose mother sends her to boarding school on the edge of the English moors to seduce the son of the man who broke Mother’s heart. My second novel, FIONA, comes out in just over a month, about a girl who travels to a castle in the Scottish Highlands to work as an au pair to an eleven-year-old girl who just lost her parents. Fiona starts falling for her charge’s older brother, but when his pregnant ex-girlfriend comes back, strange things start happening around the castle, and Fiona isn’t sure what to believe.

I’m so excited for this new website! And I love hearing from readers, so please email me at or find me on Twitter or Instagram (@writermeredith) or follow my Facebook page.


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